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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  March 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. her detailed account of what she says happened to bonds after he it wasn't just 'roid rage. barry bonds' former mistress takes the stand for a detailed account for what she says happened to bonds after he started taking steroids. devastated by it. >> backyards perched on a crumbling hillside in san pablo. what some residents say was kept from them when it bought their homes. facing criticism from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, president obama makes his case for military action against libya. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. how long will it last? how much will it cost? would those burning questions about america's involvement in libya, president obama just laid out his plans to the
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nation. phil matier listened in on his address. phil. >> reporter: this was president obama's most detailed speech on what the united states hopes to accomplish with the new military mission in libya and the president forcefully said that libyan leader moammar qaddafi left him little choice but to act. he said the u.s. acted to prevent a massacre. >> 10 days ago, having tried to end the violence without using force, the international community offered qaddafi a final chance to stop his campaign of killing or face the consequences. rather than stand down, his forces continued their advance bearing down on the city of benghazi home to nearly 700,000 men, women and children who sought their freedom from fear. >> reporter: the president went to great lengths to me assure the nation that the u.s. is not interested in regime change. that would take years he said
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and millions if not trillions of dollars. the burden of actions should not be america's alone, he said. >> the transition to a legitimate government that is responsive to the libyan people will be a difficult task. and while the united states will do our part to help, it will be a task for the international community and more importantly a task for the libyan people themselves. >> reporter: the president did not lay out a timeline for withdrawal but he did say he will take whatever action is necessary to protect civilians. >> i have made it clear that i will never hesitate to use our military swiftly, decisively and unilaterally when necessary to defend our people, our homeland, our allies and our core interests. >> reporter: elizabeth, there are a number of questions still unanswered in the president's address, and we'll be taking a closer look at that at 6:30 here on cbs 5 and we'll also talk with some congressional
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representatives from the bay area who are still decidedly split on the action in libya. >> thank you. we want to get you caught up on what's going on inside libya. the stage appears to be set for a bloody showdown as rebels inch closer to moammar qaddafi's home town. rebels have regained control over hundreds of miles of libyan coast as coalition forces have struck qaddafi's forces. leaders of the international efforts say the offensive is meant to protect civilians. outside qaddafi's compound today, a crowd mobbed a car said to be with the libyan leader inside as he refuses to step down. much more on the situation in libya coming up on the "cbs evening news with katie couric" right after this newscast. some potentially damaging testimony today in the barry bonds trial from his former girlfriend. simon perez is at the courthouse in san francisco, where kimberly bell also faced tough cross-examination about her motives. simon. >> reporter: elizabeth,
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kimberly bell is easily the most anticipated witness in the trial and her testimony did not disappoint. there were tears, death threats, sexual infidelity and even a mention of richard gere. the witness with the most salacious details took the stand, kim bell. for the prosecution, one person who could testify to the effects steroids allegedly had on barry bonds. for the defense, a jilted mistress who is out to embarrass her former lover. she testified to the physical changes she said she saw in bonds in 1999 and 2000. specifically, that the shape, size of his testicles were smaller, unusual, different shape, he had trouble maintaining an erection. to bonds' emotional changes, the supposed 'roid rage, she said, bonds threatened to cut my head off and leave me in a ditch. and another threat, to cut out my breast implants because he paid for them. bonds' attorney attempted to show bell had an agenda to
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embarrass bonds for leaving her. the lawyer got her to admit that she saw bonds as her richard gere in reference to her favorite movie, an officer and a gentleman. when bonds got married she became the away game girlfriend only allowed to be with bonds when he said so. she admitted she cried it the opulence she wasn't allowed to share in his new home. the one piece of testimony bell delivers that deals directly with steroids was when she said bonds explained a nasty injured elbow by saying steroids caused the muscles and tendons to grow faster than the joint could handle. bell and bonds' attorney really went at each other several times in the courtroom. at one point, bell actually yelled back, i'm not a liar. now, bonds throughout all this very stoic, although he did look up at bell when they were talking about him being richard gere. in san francisco, i'm simon perez, cbs 5. >> thank you. homes on the edge the city
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of san pablo has declared a local emergenc to help the owners of homes sliding down a hillside. city inspectors have yellow- tagged three houses already, although they say no other homes appear to be moving right now. but now christin ayers reports this is a familiar sight for this neighborhood. christin. >> reporter: elizabeth, the good news near this home is that the rain has stopped. the soil has started to dry. however, there is bad news. geologists say the soil is still shifting while the residents of this home wait for someone, the city, their insurance company, anyone to take responsibility. four days after the hillside beneath leon walker's house collapsed swallowing his backyard, the future is just as unstable as the ground under him. >> devastated by it. >> reporter: the porch juts out over empty space. he believes at any moment the home will tumble downhill.
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>> this is just the flashpoint of what's wrong with this hill. the entire hillside is compromised. >> reporter: walkers' wife says these before and after pictures prove it that there were two other mud slides below their home in 1975 and again in '83. and that the city of san pablo did a poor patchup job to try to fix it. >> it's the same condition now. all they did just put a band- aid on it pretty much. they didn't fix the problem. >> i wouldn't have bought this place if it was this close slid down the hill... i would have took a pass on it. >> reporter: the city of san pablo is busy clearing trees, feld during the slide, and working on getting disaster funds for residents but they are not saying whether the disaster was due shoddy work after the first slide. >> on many fronts looking at documents and you know, any disclosures or indications that this hillside may have been
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moving. >> reporter: even worse the walkers' insurance company has said they would only be covered if they had flood insurance which they don't. >> there is nothing that i can do. i'm hoping that the city along with the state along with the federal folks will have insight to see that this whole hill is compromised and they shore it up. >> reporter: otherwise, not lonely a house be left on the edge, so will an entire family. now, the city manager's office is working on setting up a fund to take donation for this and the five other homes that sustained some damage during the flooding. but the family says this is about more than just their house. they say there are several other houses on the block that are also flooding and that that water appears to be coming from the hillside. life in san pablo, christin ayers, cbs 5. a quiet sunday shaken by a violent explosion. what we're learning about an
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explosive device found hidden in a newspaper in vacaville. i gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy. i was eating about 6500 calories a day. >> the device promises to help you lose weight. why some doctors are skeptical about the slimming powers of this capsule. and talk about a wrong turn. how this dump truck ended up in richardson bay. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tiburon boulevard, and wound up in richardson bay. you can see tire marks on the road where the truck driver apparently chopper 5 was in tiburon today after a dump truck wound up in richardson bay off the boulevard. you can see tire marks in the road where the truck driver apparently tried to stop. the fire chief says the driver was taken to the hospital with a bump on his head. booms were put in the water in case of a fuel spill. here's another look from a cbs 5 viewer. he was riding on the bike path when he saw the accident and snapped this photo of the truck in the bay. the search is on for whoever left an explosive device hidden in a newspaper in vacaville. an elderly man was seriously injured when a newspaper he grabbed from the front of his house exploded. it happened along cashel circle yesterday morning. the victim reportedly lost fingers and had injuries to his
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leg but is expected to survive. after the blast, authorities evacuated the neighborhood. investigators didn't find any other devices and says it appears to have been an isolated incident. so far no suspects have been named. and checking bay area headlines, in contra costa county, officers shot and killed a man today. it started with a routine traffic stop in bay point on hanlon way by mountain view avenue at 1:15 this morning. sheriffs say they opened fire on 24-year-old johnny angel ochoa after he started to drive off while a deputy reached into the car to remove the key from his ignition. the shooting is under investigation. and a jury today found a san mateo teen guilty of attempted murder in a pipe bomb attack at hillsdale high school in 2009 that targeted a teacher. 18-year-old alexander youshock was convicted on five of seven
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counts against him. the two other counts were deadlocked. the attorneys argument he was schizophrenic. the sanity phase of the trial will begin after the jury finishes deliberations. also today a guilty verdict in the case of a professional pongier player charged with killing his parents -- poker player charged with killing his parents in 2008 at the family's country club home in pleasanton. ernest scherer was convicted of beating his mother and father with a baseball bat to get a roughly $1 million inheritance. he faces life in prison with no chance of parole. up next, what happens when the online world becomes too much for kids? >> parents really can't afford to be ignorant of the information that children are releasing online. >> new questions pediatricians will be asking during doctors' visits. and more and more women are using this space age pod to help lose weight. why doctors say the new device may suffer from an old problem.
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from the cbs 5 weather center we have been tracking the amount of days it's rained consecutively here in the bay area. count them, 14. now the record we should experience this week. the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues.
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nothing more important than being popular. these days, self-esteem is impacted by social media as much a as to lots of teens there is nothing more important than being popular. these days life is impacted by social media. what's the toll on kids who feel they don't have friends? mike sugerman reports. >> reporter: some people in facebook like on life are popular. how many friends do you have? >> quite a few. >> reporter: come on, how many? >> around 400. >> 700. >> reporter: popular girls. but what about those who aren't so popular? >> makes the problem worse. >> reporter: this doctor, elaine brady a san jose therapist, thinks the american
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academy of pediatrics is spot on in its new study, facebook depression. >> it's typically the kids who feel socially inadequate already. >> reporter: facebook has become the 21st century school cafeteria or mall. but, of course, it's different. it's virtual and everything everyone does is right in your face. raiser hand, who has facebook here? everybody has facebook. everybody has facebook. if you are a teenager at a high school in san anselmo or a teenager anywhere in the united states, you do. and some see how facebook depression can hit. >> people with little friends might be like a reality to them like it might like shock them and hit them and be like oh.... i have no friends. >> reporter: but ian isn't a teenaged girl and he understands. >> most of my generation is on facebook too. and there is a little pressure to put the sunniest looking pictures of family up there and
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only talk about the good times. >> reporter: who says their life stinks on their facebook page? it's a normal rockwell world. >> the internet overall is a very valuable tool that we have now. and yet we have to recognize that there are certain people, children as well as adults, that are going to be vulnerable to the more negative aspects of the net. >> reporter: she suggests you know your children's passwords, log ins and set time limits. talk to your children and discuss their problems. technology hasn't changed that. mike sugerman, cbs 5. roberta, we definitely earned this gorgeous weather. please tell us it's going to stick around. >> not only is it going to stick around for a few days, but because of the gorgeous weather, that is all largely responsible to high pressure, we are going to be experiencing by midweek near or record warmth here in the bay area. it's live, it's our cbs 5 weather camera looking past the
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bay waters where the small craft advisory has allowed to expire. so far today we have realized high temperatures pretty much in the 60s across the board. official sundown tonight at 7:28. a few clouds in the distance will be lurking around. sunnyvale after a high of 73 is in the mid-60s. redwood city at 70. a pair of sixes in napa and mid- 60s in pleasanton where currently it's 64 degrees. temperatures tonight overnight, bottoming out in the 40s. again we'll have anywhere from partly cloudy to clear skies. your pinpoint forecast what we see to the north of us is an area of low pressure and that's pretty much where it's going to stay. the jet stream is veering north. so the storm track is north of the bay area. so a few clouds drift in but overall we'll see high pressure the key component and tomorrow another dry day. as far as the dryness is concerned it begins to dry out the atmosphere and look what
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comes into play, alder, ash and birch tree medium to high. and speaking of high, your temperatures for your tuesday will be warmer than today. anywhere from pacifica where we should experience 60 degrees to the mid-60s in oakland, alameda and piedmont in berkeley, mid- 60s in san jose, 68 in concord, west winds at 20. wait, watch this. check out wednesday and thursday. offshore flow kicks in resulting in that near or record warmth. clouds on friday, temperatures coming down as a result and then saturday there is a slight chance of rain returning into the bay area under mostly cloudy skies. dry conditions sunday and monday. just in case you haven't been there recently, this picture was just taken just a couple of days ago. yosemite, record snowfall there. mark, thank you for sending us this gorgeous picture. and i have to admit, it does look like a postcard, doesn't it elizabeth? >> looks like courier and ives, gorgeous. >> it is. >> we'll enjoy this beautiful weather. thank you, roberta. well, some women say they are losing weight in a very
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unusual way, by relaxing -- relaxing? -- in a space aged looking pod. dr. kim joins us with more. this sounds too good to be true. >> reporter: very well put. it's called the slim capsule and while some women who use it swear that their excess weight just melts away, some experts believe what's melting away is your time and effort. shelley used to weigh 175 pounds. >> i did. i gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy. i was eating about 6500 calories a day. >> reporter: to drop weight, she jumped into the slim capsule. >> i was doing it, you know, three, four times a week during the test phase and the pounds just started melting off and i would burn about 300 calories per session. >> reporter: it's a 180-degree dry heat sauna. it uses full body l.e.d.
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lights vibrating massage, ioninized air as well as aromatherapy. a counter tells you how many calories you burn. >> we had clients coming in three to five days a week using the slim capsule and doing nothing else and these women they had five women report 8 to 12 pounds of weight loss. >> reporter: the maker says it tones, detoxifies and burns calories while increasing metabolism and circulation lessening stress that packs on the fat. >> detoxification is quit eating junk. >> there is a biochemical effect that can be a benefit but it would take an enormous amount of frequency of treatments for you to see clinically a benefit. >> reporter: back in the 60s '60s they did research. >> that weight cost back on because it's just water loss. this is not new. this is well documented.
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i thought i was getting $25. i'm not getting $25. >> he was promised a reward for cutting his energy use. why some pg&e customers think their cash rebates come with strings attached. ,, ,,,,,,
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people got them, pre-paid debit cards as a thank you from pg&e. but the fine print has some hundreds of thousands of people got them, prepaid debit cards, as a thank you from pg&e. but the fine print has some fuming. on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us how to avoid the
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fees. >> i have insulated windows. >> reporter: john paul has done just about everything to lower his electric bill including wearing extra layers at home to avoid turning on the heat. so he was thrilled when he got this $25 prepaid debit card from pg&e a reward for cutting back on his gas during the month of december. >> i thought i had done a very good thing. >> reporter: but then he noticed a hefty fee in the fine print. >> account maintenance fee, $3 per month, overlimit fee 15- minute, plastic replacement fee if you lose the card is $6. the 5. >> reporter: and there was even a fee to pay his pg&e bill with the card. >> i'd rather have the $25. >> reporter: so he tried cashing it at citibank which issued the card and was told the card had to be spent. that's when john called consumerwatch and we contacted pg&e. >> we are sorry if -- all the fine print that these cards came with may have confused some folks. but at the end of the day the important thing is that there are no fees associated with
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this car. >> reporter: joe with pg&e says the language is standard on all citibank debit cards but the fees do not apply to pg&e customers with these cards. and while it's true you can't redeem the card for cash, you can put the full $25 towards your pg&e bill and you will be reimbursed for the processing fee later but if you're one of the 2 60,000 customers who received one of these cards, don't hang on to it for too long. >> in order to avoid any fees to our customers, we have put an expiration of six months. >> reporter: he says if you do see a fee or lose the card, contact pg&e directly. and keep in mind, they were only issued for december gas savings. pg&e will deduct the rebates directly from your bill for the winter gas savings program from january and february. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. ,,
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